Rent a Luxury BMW with Carsedge

Rent a Luxury BMW with Carsedge


Carsedge Rental Cars provides a great deal of BMW rentals across the Chennai and Tamil Nadu. Carsedge also gives various different BMW version models such as BMW convertible car, sports cars, BMW SUVs along with other versions. Carsedge generally provides the latest vehicles in its category with a commitment of your rental car never ever being used than twelve months old.

Hire a BMW Car: really enjoy an Excellent Luxurious Car without actually owning it!

If you would like to rent a BMW for a day or so, you could simply hire a BMW from Carsedge. There are various good reasons and benefits that bmw rentals can give you with, which are the following:

Competitive Price – While buying a BMW could easily cost you a lot of money, when you hire a BMW, you don’t need to pay that much but you still could possibly get the experience of a life-time.

Terrific Condition – The BMW rentals are kept in terrific condition and appear as attractive as new. For the reason that several famous persons, artists, and diplomats rent a BMW car hire for special events.

Instant Training – If you would like to hire BMWs, Carsedge can give you with a brief training course to acquaint you with the top features of the vehicle. A BMW car hire is always a luxurious vehicle and not everybody can travel it, this is the reason why it is actually a sensible move by many car rental suppliers to provide a brief training before providing their BMW rental cars.

Status Symbol – A car rental BMW will always be a BMW, which will certainly represent a status symbol whenever you travel it to all of your party or social gathering.

At Carsedge Rental Cars you have got the choice to hire various kinds of BMW models. Travel in fashion with a BMW from Carsedge Rental Cars.

BMW 3 Series

This sleek more luxurious sedan has long been leading the industry for nearly 3 decades for a good reason. The BMW 3 Series shows improvements each and every year and is guaranteed to provide you a memorable car rental experience.

BMW 5 Series

The BMW brand name is well-known for the high quality and performance of its luxury cars so the 5 Series version stands for this very well indeed. With much more strong set up and bigger than its little brother, the 3 Series, this vehicle will certainly deliver the ease and comfort for its travelers and exciting for anyone who rides it.


This premium quality SAV was always getting awards since its launching back in 2003. The BMW X3 provide a lot of room, top quality and power. Carsedge is delighted to provide this amazing vehicle in its fleet.


The BMW brand name is very well known for the combination of luxury and functionality available in its cars and the X5 is not a different. This elegant Sports Activity Vehicle(SAV) provides significant amount of room while maintaining a sporty style and design and its features are the most impressive in the industry.

*Carsedge can not guarantee you to definitely get a BMW car rental, however you would be able to receive the equivalent car in a similar preferred rental car category.

Best car hire prices - Guaranteed!

Local (Chennai) Car Rental Information
Package-A: ₹ 6000 (4 Hrs/40 Kms)
Package-B: ₹ 12000 (8 Hrs/80 Kms)
Additional Km: ₹ 120
Additional Hour: ₹ 1200

Best car Rental Outstation - Car Rental Information

Outstation Car Rental Information
Rate per Km: ₹ 120.00
Driver Bata: ₹ 1500.00
Parking/Toll/Permit/Tax: Excluded.
Minimum Kms: 250 Kms will be charged per day

Car Type

Class: Luxury
Seating Capacity: This car has 4 seats
A/c: This car has air conditioning


Chennai to Tirupati - A: On Request (1 Day)
Chennai to Tirupati - B: On Request (2 Days, Max.400 Kms)

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