Honda Accord Luxury Car Hire Services

Honda Accord Luxury Car Hire Services


Just remember the 1st Honda Accord which was launched in India? It came up with demure and also unexciting appearance. The Honda Accord that entered there after one has of course been quite appealing. The huge triangular headlamps make the front end appearance complicated however the heavy-looking behind is incongruous with the strong front side. Even now, the Honda Accord is designed to attract eyes of everyone, be it an older people or an youngster. It is really bold and brash, a function frock that you are going to definitely display at the disco.

Inside, it is actually a different story as a whole. When you accommodate your-self on that armchair of a car seat which you get, you realize that it’s a pleasing, airy ambiance that surrounds. Center system is extremely a great looking aspect; the smartly laid-out dashboard has got a sleek, plush feel to it along with the instrument binnacle is simple to read and also extensive. There are lots of cubby holes which can be definitely a benefit while going for a longer distance ride, that you will since the Accord is much more of a cruiser. The seating at front side are big, broad and well-bolstered but offer modest lumbar support whereas the backside pales in comparison with the Toyota Camry and Hyundai Sonata owing to its actual low height and also inadequate under-thigh support.

There are 2 engines out there and both are powerful impressive. The base 2.4-litre four-pot engine comes with variable every thing which is bent towards the delivering very good torque at lower revs to help city riding and providing much better fuel efficiency figures but also has bucket lots of power on top end to continue to keep overall performance freaks happy. The V6 is designed for the purists. There are 2 transmissions to pick from for the 2.4-litre model: a 5-speed manual and a 5-speed automatic whereas the V6 carries the auto tranny as standard. In case provided, we are going to take the manual everytime rather than just because the manual is designed for enthusiasts, however simply because the automatic would seem just a bit slow to respond and will not get into sync with the car’s over-all sporty instinct. For an engine this mad, the fuel efficiency is agreeable. With the manual, you have to get around 8.5kpl in the city limits and 12kpl during high-way speeds. The automatic would return 7kpl and 11kpl in the city limits and on the high-way respectively. The V6 of course is unhappy in the fuel efficiency section. We suspect you could get more than 7kmpl on the average with this, however once again, the design of that car engine making you rev it to the limit of mechanical tolerances, therefore fuel mileage should have affected, right?

The Honda Accord is a car which can make possible speeds almost 200kmph quite easily. The controlling is definitely nice and the drive quality over damaged roads is smooth and well-damped. The steering also is fairly simple for ordinary usage. But when you bury the throttle and the needle gets to the mad side of the speedo, the steering begins to feel easy and even feeble. Not good.

Honda Accord is being, ever since its release, the best D-segment sedan in India. Moreover it is one of the well price tagged kinds, simply because honestly, the luxury cars which can hold a candle to the Honda Accord are the Toyota Camry and Hyundai Sonata Embera. The previous is too expensive, the other simply not as good. The Honda Accord has just about everything going for it: supermodel design, stylish cabin, sophistication, overall performance, vibrant ability, every thing will make it a car to get, in case you’ve got the lots of money. The modern, eighth-generation Honda Accord is just out there, but we believe this seventh-gen model even now seems far better!

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Class: Luxury
Seating Capacity: This car has 4 seats
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Chennai to Tirupati - A: On Request (1 Day)
Chennai to Tirupati - B: On Request (2 Days, Max.400 Kms)
Navagraha Tour: On Request (2 Days & 2 Nights)
Sabarimala - A: OOn Request (5 Days, Theni route)
Sabarimala - B: On Request (5 Days, Guruvayoor route)

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